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Recovery of Stolen Firearm from 2007 case returned to Owner


A 2007 Investigation led by a Scott County Sheriff's Deputy resulted in the Recovery of a Stolen Firearm returned to the Property Owner by that same Sheriff's Deputy...nearly 16 Years later!

Scott County-It was July 2007, and Scott County Sheriff's Deputy Joe Guarneri was what we would say "in hot pursuit" of thieves who had burglarized several residences and outbuildings in various areas of Scott County.  Deputy Guarneri ran down multiple leads and interviewed several suspects, ultimately requesting criminal charges through the local prosecutor's office for a suspect whom he felt was culpable for the criminal activity.  Although charges were requested, Deputy Guarneri felt he fell short of the mark by not being able to recover all of the property stolen during the theft and burglary spree. During the investigation, serial numbers related to several stolen items were requested and received by Deputy Guarneri from the property owners, which were, in turn, entered into the IDACS/NCIC Data Base as stolen property.

Spring forward to February 2023...the Sheriff's Office received a telephone call from a detective with the Salem Police Department in Salem, Oregon, enquiring about a stolen firearm he had in his possession. After speaking with the Salem Police Detective, Scott County Sheriff's Office Evidence Technician Mike Nichols coordinated the return of the weapon back to Scott County where Lt. Col Guarneri was there to receive it.  Lt Col Guarneri was delighted to return the firearm to its rightful owner, nearly 16 years after it was first reported stolen, and fulfilling that desire to recover property taken during the initial crime spree.

Sheriff Goodin made the following comment... "This news release is possible due to good police work by a young sheriff's deputy in 2007, followed up by that same deputy nearly 16 years later closing a chapter by returning a stolen gun to its rightful owner.  The property owner, by having the ability to provide the serial number of the stolen gun when requested, assisted in the recovery of their property.  Please, folks...I ask that if you have anything that is pilferable or is a commodity, please write down those serial numbers or descriptors and place the information in a safe area. By doing so, you may help us in the recovery of property taken from you, possibly even 16 years later".




Contact Sheriff Jerry Goodin at Scott County Sheriff's Office (812)752-8400.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.