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The Scott County Sheriff Posse

The Scott County Sheriff Posse was formed by Mr. Altus Julian in 1963, making it one of the oldest Posses in the state of Indiana. The Posse started with eight members and they have participated in many large parades, including the Pegasus Parade in Louisville, Ky and the Indiana State Fair Parade.     

The Posse has changed its by-laws over the years allowing women to become members.

Today the posse is an important part of the Sheriff’s emergency response.  Training includes: 40 hour pre basic Law-enforcement course, firearms training, as well as, combatives, First aid and Search rescue training.  The Posse has been called out on numerous occasions for search and rescue missions, and most recently were called out in the recovery effort during the March 2 tornadoes.

Present members as of 01-01-2019

President Herman Watts
Herman Watts
Secretary/Tres. Rhonda Watts
Rhonda Watts
Member Polly Higgins
Polly Higgins
Member Mike Higgins
Mike Higgins
Member Bob Fergison
Bob Fergison
Vice President John Howard
Vice President
John Howard