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Scott County Sheriff Provides Safety Tips while Wishing Everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween


Scott County Sheriff Provides Safety Tips while Wishing Everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween

Scott County- Please see below a message from the Sheriff of Scott County regarding trick-or-treat safety and other helpful safety tips:

                         Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Safety




Important message from Sheriff Goodin

It's that time of year when kids are looking forward to dressing up in their favorite costumes and spending time with family and friends trick-or-treating!  Sheriff Goodin wants to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Listed below are some safety tips that the Scott County Sheriff would like to provide:

  •     Make sure that you have a flashlight, glow stick, or reflective material on the costume so that you can be always seen.
  •     Always trick-or-treat with an adult or in a group and use the buddy system when going from house to house.
  •     Please walk on the sidewalks and not in the roadway and make sure that you look both directions before crossing a roadway.
  •     Only go trick-or-treating at houses where the front porch light is turned on.
  •     Take masks off in-between houses so that you can see where you are walking.
  •     Only accept treats at the doorway of the house. NEVER enter the house of a stranger.
  •     Have an adult inspect all candy before it is eaten.
  •     If you are not actively participating in trick-or-treating and you are out driving, we ask that you please SLOW DOWN and drive with caution.

In Scott County, we also want you to know where sex offenders reside so that you avoid those houses when trick-or-treating. Sheriff Goodin advised the following... "We complete several address verifications annually on each sex offender making sure offenders live where they tell us... it is crucial that our citizens visit our website to see who the registered sex offenders are and where they are living". Citizens are encouraged to check any addresses where they or their family spend time. The mapping and address feature found on the website pinpoints exactly where an offender lives.

If you or your family member needs assistance navigating the website, please feel free to contact the Scott County Sheriff's Office @ 812-752-8400.