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Scott County Sheriff and Staff Invite All to Stop at Our Exhibit


Scott County Sheriff and Staff Invite All to Stopover at the Sheriffs' Office Exhibit while at the Scott County Fair...Visit the Sheriffs' Job Fair, Neighborhood Crime Watch, Operation Security Blanket for our Senior Citizens and Special Crime Investigations tables

Scott County-The Sheriff and staff of the Scott County Sheriffs' Office (SCSO) wish to extend a welcome invitation to visit the SCSO exhibit at this year's Scott County Fair. The exhibit will be positioned near the main entrance to the fairgrounds in the same location as last year, where citizens will be able to speak with Sheriff Goodin, deputies, and staff about the multiple facets of the Sheriffs' office.  Additionally, a vast amount of specialized equipment used by deputies in the execution of their various duties will be on display for citizens to view and ask questions about if they so choose.  Furthermore, the Special Crime Investigations table will be staffed by detectives to answer unique questions and provide guidance to our senior residents through the "Operation Security Blanket Initiative", as will the job fair table, manned by active personnel where visitors interested in a career with the Scott County Sheriffs' Office can make an inquiry. The exhibit will open Monday at 5pm, commencing at 9pm on Friday night...Sheriff Goodin advised the following..."my deputies, staff, and I look forward to the Scott County Fair every year, seeing old friends while making new ones. Please stop in and take advantage of our vast exhibit, specially fashioned for you, our citizens".




Contact Sheriff Jerry Goodin at Scott County Sheriff's Office (812) 752-8400.