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More Innovative Job Training for Inmates


More Innovative Job Training for Inmates Results in Much Needed Office Space Within the Jail Facility


Scott County-Recently, inmates at the Scott County Jail were provided more "hands on job training" while simultaneously turning a wasted space within the jail into much needed office space.  Under the watchful eye of Master Carpenter/Jail Deputy Russell Combs, inmates participated in wall framing and other carpentry skills which subsequently turned the bedroom sized room into a functional office.  Sheriff Goodin stated the following..."we will not pass on any opportunity  that allows me and my staff to provide job skills to inmates at no cost to the taxpayer...a professional office which also serves as a greeting area for citizen customers who visit the Sheriff's Office.  It's a win-win, and I am personally proud of all involved".  All recognized the wasted space improvement was a win for tax payers, where no tax dollars were used in the construction of this room. The State Fire Marshal was consulted prior to the construction, ensuring the room modification was within state guidelines.  Additionally, the room constructed utilized temporary walls that can be dismantled in less than 20 minutes time if required.  By utilizing inmate labor for the project, each inmate received another skill set to add to their toolbox, which they may utilize once they serve out their time and return to the community.  As stated by Sheriff Goodin, "that is the most important aspect of the entire project". 

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