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Scott County Sheriff's Deputy Jailer Makes Lifelong Friend


Scott County Sheriff's Deputy Jailer Makes Lifelong Friend

Scott County-On January 21st, Scott County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jailer Robert Lott made what he described as "a lifelong friend" when he visited with Bradley Sego of Louisville, Kentucky.  Deputy Lott advised he first learned of Bradley and his passion for law enforcement from a tiktok post Bradley had created under the guise of "Officer Bradley".  Bradley has down syndrome and further he is a huge fan of the police, for which he has been bullied and harassed for.  Further reading about Bradley revealed police departments around the country have connected with Bradley by sending him uniform patches and other items which he would in return add to his collection.  Deputy Lott contacted Sheriff Goodin and after discussing Bradley with the Sheriff and further telling of his close proximity to Scott County, Sheriff Goodin encouraged Deputy Lott to not only gather some Scott County Sheriff's Office promotional items and a uniform patch for Bradley, he suggested Lott drive to Louisville and meet Bradley in person, which Lott did.  Deputy Lott met both Bradley and his mother at their home in Louisville, describing the event as the most rewarding experience of his law enforcement career!  Deputy Lott described Bradley as having a huge heart with a fantastic personality...since their first visit, Deputy Lott has checked in on Bradley daily, describing this connection as a lifelong friend experience.  Lott advised if others wish to connect with Bradley, he can be reached through his tiktok profile at bradsjourney.   Sheriff Goodin stated "I am very proud of Deputy Lott for reaching out to Bradley and making this connection with him and his family...anytime we as law enforcement officers can put a smile on the face of another, you can count me and my teammates at the Sheriff's Office in"!

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Contact Sheriff Jerry Goodin at Scott County Sheriff's Office (812) 752-8400.