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Sheriff Goodin is Maximizing Scott Counties Readiness for Anything


Scott County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Jerry Goodin

News Release


111 South First Street                                   Date 07/07/2020

Scottsburg, Indiana 47170


Immediate Release:

Sheriff Goodin is Maximizing Scott Counties Readiness for Anything

Scott County-The Scott County Sheriff's Office has received numerous items from the military surplus program to include an ambulance, tents, miscellaneous tools, vehicles and two L.A.V.'s,  (light armored vehicle/personnel carriers).  All the items received are free from the U. S. Government. The program is open to all law enforcement across the United States and has been used by Scott County Sheriff's in the past. 

The most noticeable of the items received are the tents that were set up at the Health Department and in the parking lot of the Sheriff's Office. Another of the most noticeable items are the light armored vehicles, (LAV). We received these LAV's approximately nine months ago and again, they were free. The only cost was the transportation of the vehicles to Scott County and the general maintenance. 

The L.A.V.'s are fully operational and will be used as rescue vehicles for floods, snow and icy weather, natural disasters and active shooter situations. Being used as personnel carries with the capability of carrying between eight to ten people at a time will be the most common use for the sheriff's office. We can transport our deputies to the scenes of search warrants and other fluid active scenes, eliminating the need to travel with eight or ten police cars. It is truly a multi-purpose tool.

The L.A.V.'s will also be on loan to our surrounding counties on an as needed basis. 

Some people may say that we do not need these types of vehicles and some will even say we are militarizing the police department. In fact, no matter what you want to call it, we are being prepared for anything that could happen, keeping our citizens and deputies safe. It even makes it better knowing it comes at no or very little cost to local taxpayers. The LAV's alone being worth more than a million dollars.

It is not that the police across the United States are trying to militarize, the fact is, police have to be prepared to keep citizens and officers safe. With the current situation in the United States and across the world with rioters and terrorism, we must be prepared. Sheriff Goodin's staunch support of the second amendment makes him aware of the vast number of high powered rifles, high capacity magazines, and ease of obtaining bomb making materials such as tannerite. All of this making the job as a police officer much more difficult and dangerous.  The L.A.V.'s lets us be more prepared in events we cannot control and will be used as a lifesaving tool. 

Sheriff Goodin has been on a mission to make the Scott County Sheriff's Office more professional. Being a professional agency means being trained, equipped and prepared. We want the citizens of Scott County to understand that no matter what happens in Scott County, we will be prepared with our training and equipment.

Sheriff Goodin stated "even though we have to prepare for the worst, we always hope the worst never happens." 



***MEDIA NOTE*** Photo of LAV's is attached.






Contact Sheriff Jerry Goodin at Scott County Sheriff's Office (812)752-8400