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Juvenile Arrested on Fraud and Escape from Lawful Detention


On May 7, 2018, a male juvenile was arrested on Fraud (five counts) and Escape from Lawful Detention.


For several weeks, a male juvenile was going door to door to Scott County residences and stated he played for various high school athletic programs. The male juvenile then solicited money for fundraising organizations.


On May 7, 2018, the male juvenile arrived at the wrong residence. The Scott County Assistant Jail Commander, Johnney Coomer, happened to be visiting family when the male arrived on their doorstep. When the male juvenile could not give details to the fundraising organization, Coomer became suspicious. Coomer identified himself and his place of employment. He then confronted the juvenile on his criminal activities. Deputies arrived at the residence, where the juvenile was still located. He admitted to soliciting money from other residents. Further investigation, indicated the male juvenile is on probation out of Clark County and on home incarceration. The male juvenile stated he unsecured his home incarceration bracelet so he could not be detected and would solicit money from Scott County residents.

The juvenile was arrested and transported to Clark County Juvenile Detention Center.


If residents are concerned they have been a victim of a similar crime, please contact the Scott County Sheriff’s Office at (812)752-8400.


Additionally, supporting our local athletic programs is vital to our school districts. When a student player is fundraising for their athletic program, authentic documentation of the fundraising organization should be presented at all times. If you have questions as to current fundraising events, we encourage residents to contact the local school districts or the Scott County Sheriff’s Office to verify such events.