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Second Jail Inspection for 2024-Flawless and Proud


Scott County Sheriff Proud to Announce Flawless Indiana State Jail Inspection for 2024 - The Second Inspection This Year!

Scott County- On 6-28-2024, the Scott County Jail again passed an Indiana State Jail Inspection, carried out by Indiana Department of Corrections Inspector Jeff Groh and fellow inspector Chance Sweat, who is primarily assigned as the principal inspector for northern Indiana jail facilities. Inspector Groh conducted the first inspection of the Scott County Jail in March of 2024, finding the local jail as one of the best county jail facilities in Indiana. Once again, Inspector Groh and Inspector Sweat methodically inspected every aspect of the facility, including compliance paperwork required of all jail facilities in Indiana. The Scott County Jail was once more standing tall, passing the inspection with flying colors.  Sheriff Goodin stated, "Again, I want the public to know just how hard our Jail Deputies, like our Law Enforcement Deputies, are working every day to be the best at what they do, going above and beyond to be the best correctional officers in the State of Indiana. I am extremely pleased with their commitment and the immense pride they show every day in keeping the jail facility at a level unheard of in the past".  Inspector Groh and Inspector Sweat both commented the inspection was completely flawless.  Inspector Groh ended the inspection by stating the following... "The citizens of Scott County should be proud of the operations at the Scott County Jail".

*Media Note-Sheriff Goodin prioritized in-house jail operations when he took over as Sheriff in 2019 and since then, the Scott County Jail has passed five consecutive (now six) annual jail inspections. Before these six consecutive passings, the Scott County Jail had not passed a jail inspection in over 20 years.

Jail Inspection #2