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Jail Escape Attempted by Inmate.....UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT


Jail Escape Attempted by Inmate...Jail Deputies Followed Established Protocols, Successfully Bringing an End to the UNSUCCESSFUL Escape Attempt

Scott County- On 5-26-2024 (just before 1:00 AM), Scott County Jail Deputies were faced with an inmate escape attempt from the Scott County Security Center. The inmate, identified as James Bowman, has been incarcerated since October 2023. As Bowman was being escorted to another portion of the jail for a work detail, he attempted to escape from the Jail Deputy by concealing himself out of view and exiting out of a door. Immediate protocols were initiated by Jail Deputies and Road Deputies. After he ran from the jail, he broke into a nearby unlocked car and stole some money from the center console. After this Bowman walked into a Scott County Road Deputy who had been running surveillance looking for Bowman. The deputy had to use his issued Taser to apprehend Bowman as he refused to follow the deputies' commands. Once Bowman got to the jail he attempted to escape again. He tried to escape as he was being processed back in the jail from his earlier escape attempt. While being apprehended for the second time deputies had to deploy their Tasers again. This time when Bowman was apprehended, he was transported to the Scott Memorial Hospital for treatment from an injury. After being released from the hospital Bowman continued to act erratically, intentionally banging his head against the floor and walls of the jail cell he was being housed in. Bowman was ultimately taken to University Hospital in Louisville by Scott County EMS Personnel for observation and treatment of a head wound. Furthermore, Scott County Jail Deputies have been directed to observe Bowman at University Hospital while he is there for treatment, where he remains at this time. Bowman will be returned to custody once his time at University Hospital has ended. Sheriff Goodin stressed the following... "this escape attempt marks the third attempt in the last 5 ½ years from the Scott County Jail...we will evaluate every part of this escape attempt, looking for vulnerabilities in our security processes and response protocols. Process improvement is what we do, which will continue to set our jail facility a mark above the rest. To say I am PROUD of our Jail Deputies and Road deputies is an understatement...they responded quickly and diligently to this escape attempt, expertly putting our established protocols into action. Their efforts quickly put an end to this inmate's attempt at freedom, approximately a block and a half from the Jail lasting six (6) minutes.

Three Scott County Jail Deputies had to receive treatment from the Scott County Hospital due to body fluid transfer protocols with an inmate.

Austin and Scottsburg Police Departments responded and assisted in the apprehension as a perimeter was put in place.

james bowman

*Media Note-Sheriff Goodin prioritized jail operations and protocols when he took over as Sheriff in 2019, making the Scott County Jail a facility for others to follow. Sheriff Goodin also practices total transparency within the office keeping the citizens of Scott completely in the know.