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2023 State of Scott County and Criminal Case Statistics


"Excellent News"

The 2023 State of Scott County and Criminal Case Statistics

(Crime Continues Down Resulting in Scott County Continuing to Be One of the Safest Counties in America)

Scott County-Scott County Sheriff Jerry Goodin recently released the Criminal Case Statistics for 2023 and comparisons of prior year averages. He stated the following... "The dedication and work ethic of the personnel at the Scott County Sheriff's Office is phenomenal. The Sheriff's Office and community together are continuing to make Scott County one of the safest places to live in America. Even after the ill will that has been shown them by other elected officials, I, along with the citizens of Scott County, THANK YOU the deputies, for all your hard work".


As you view the stats below, you will see the direct correlation between the number of narcotic investigations and the subsequent lower number of other criminal investigations. This comparison, the increase in narcotic investigations and the decrease in other crimes validates the strategic plan of the Sheriff's Office. A primary mission of the Sheriff's Office is to aggressively eradicate drug dealers from our community, thus reducing other crimes. With our no-nonsense, firm but fair community-oriented policing approach, criminal outsiders are afraid to come to Scott County because of the 23,000 strong citizens/deputies of Sheriff Goodin.


NOTE: A warning for those criminals who may think Scott County is a "target-rich environment" due to our low crime statistics...stay will be apprehended and confined to the Scott County Jail if you commit crime in our community.


As a reminder, the below totals are not the total number of actual physical arrests. The 2023 numbers are listed below by category with the prior year's investigations average following in parenthesis. Furthermore, these statistics are for the Scott County Sheriff's Office only, with the Austin City Police and the Scottsburg City Police keeping their own individual stats as in previous years.

The following are the Scott County Sheriff's Office Criminal Case statistics for 2022 compared to the average of previous years.

  • Narcotic Investigations: 2023 Investigations = 99 / 2019-2020-2021-2022 average = 107.25 Investigations). Narcotic Investigations remain a primary focus.
  • Burglary Investigations: 2023 Investigations = 3 / prior 4-year average = 17.25 Investigations).
  • Theft Investigations: 2023 Investigations = 66 / Prior 4-year average = 162 Investigations). - Theft Complaints/Investigations continue to fall sharply!
  • Weapon Violation Investigations: 2023 Investigations = 1 / prior 4-year average = 5 Investigations). Weapon Violation Investigations remain steady under this administration.
  • Homicide/Murder Investigations: 2023 Investigations = 0, (The Sheriff's Office has not worked any Homicide/Murder since the current administration has been in office).
  • Battery and Domestic Violence Investigations: 2023 Investigations = 31 / prior 4-year average = 54.25 Investigations). Battery and Domestic Violence Investigations continue to fall under this administration, a direct result of the hard work of SCSO Deputies!
  • Rape/Sex Crime Investigations: 2023 Investigations = 13 / prior 4-year average = 12.5 Investigations)...We believe victims, who were possibly silent before, are now coming forward for help and further seeking accountability toward the violator. Due to the competency and training of our deputies, we will continue to aggressively investigate these complaints.

Total Calls for Service: 2023 Calls for Service = 14,100 / 2022 Calls for Service = 13,514 / 2021 Calls for Service: 15,736 / 2020 Calls for Service: 14,724 / 2019 Calls for Service: 14,305. When called, the Sheriff's Office will listen, react, and resolve their issue...whatever it may be.


In closing, Sheriff Goodin stated the following... "The stats continue to show the persistent hard work of the Deputies, Jail Staff, Addiction Rehabilitation Service Partners, the Scott County Judicial System, and the citizens of Scott County. While other counties are trying to figure out how to solve their crime problems, we have done it. Scott County is the perfect model of what Community Oriented Policing is intended to be. As good as the results are, we must keep in mind that each of these numbers represents a victim so obviously, we will not be satisfied until the number of crimes and victims is zero...that must be our goal".





Contact Sheriff Jerry Goodin at Scott County Sheriff's Office (812)752-8400.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.