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Scott County Sheriff Proud to Announce Flawless Indiana State Jail Inspection for 2024


Scott County Sheriff Proud to Announce Flawless Indiana State Jail Inspection for 2024

(For the Fifth Year in a Row...the Scott County Jail Passes!)

Scott County- On 3-7-2024, the Scott County Jail again passed the annual Indiana State Jail Inspection, making the fifth year in a row the jail facility has passed this grueling inspection.  Indiana Department of Corrections Executive Jeff Groh conducted the inspection, giving the jail a very in-depth examination. Groh methodically inspected every aspect of the facility, including compliance paperwork required of all jail facilities in Indiana.  The Scott County Jail was once again standing tall, passing the inspection with flying colors.  Sheriff Goodin stated, "I want the public to know just how hard our Jail Deputies, like our Law Enforcement Deputies, are working every day to be the best at what they do, going above and beyond to be the best correctional officers in the State of Indiana. I am extremely pleased with their commitment and the immense pride they show every day in keeping the jail facility at a level unheard of in the past".  Inspector Groh advised the following in his out brief to Sheriff Goodin... "you have at the Scott County Jail some of the best programs which I believe should be a model for others to follow.  Please accept my gratitude and congratulations for a job well done".  Sheriff Goodin also wants Scott County Citizens to know that huge accolades are also cast out to the inmates at the jail who cleaned their occupied space and the entire facility, leaving nothing to chance for inspection. Sheriff Goodin further advised... "as the Sheriff, I am proud to present this inspection passage to the citizens of Scott County.  State Jail Inspector Groh closed by stating the following... "Again, the Scott County Jail passes the annual state inspection without one (1) fault. There is a direct connection between Sheriff Goodin being selected as the Sheriff of Year and what I see each time I inspect this jail. Where in Indiana, across all 92 counties, will you find that a Sheriff has been selected by his or her peers as Sheriff of the Year multiple times during their term in office...I want to personally congratulate this team in Scott County, where doing things right is the culture".

NOTE: Scott County residents need to know that this passage directly affects the cost of insurance that is paid by taxpayers for jail operations, continuing to save taxpayer dollars for the citizens of Scott County.

*Media Note-Sheriff Goodin prioritized in-house jail operations when he took over as Sheriff in 2019 and since then, the Scott County Jail has passed five consecutive jail inspections. Before these five consecutive passings, the Scott County Jail had not passed a jail inspection in over 20 years.  

 Pictured below: Sheriff Jerry D. Goodin explaining to Jail Inspector Jeff Groh the jail body scanner. 


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