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Attempt to Smuggle Fentanyl into Scott County Jail Discovered by Alert Jail Staff


Attempt to Smuggle Fentanyl into the Scott County Jail Discovered by Alert Administrative Staff

UPDATE: Arrests Made and Additional Charges Levied Against Drug Dealer and Inmates Involved in Dealing Methamphetamine and Fentanyl

Scott County-UPDATE: On 2-2-2024, Detective Donovan McCutcheon of the Scott County Sheriff's Office arrested Kayla M. Burns, 28, of Louisville, Kentucky after concluding the investigation where Fentanyl and Methamphetamine were attempted to be smuggled into the Scott County Jail.  The investigation began in November 2023 when Scott County Sheriff's Office staff discovered illegal drugs in the U.S. Mail that had been sent to the Sheriff's Office for inmates who were currently confined to the jail. The investigation, lasting approximately 3 months, further resulted in additional charges for Bruce Craig, 33, of Louisville Kentucky and Charles Dexter, 44, also of Louisville Kentucky, who were listed on the mail letters as the recipients and both of whom are incarcerated at the Scott County Jail for numerous felony charges from their initial arrests in 2023. Additionally, the letters listed a return address as sent by different lawyers and prosecuting attorney's offices, which are not allowed to be searched by jail personnel, per jail rules protocol. The investigation involved personnel from the United States Postal Inspectors Office and the United States Postal Service - Office of the Inspector General (Postal Inspector Troy Maki and Special Agent James Bottoms). Critical local support from the Scott County Prosecutors Office resulted in the successful apprehension of Burns and the additional charges levied against Craig and Dexter. The Sheriff's Office teamwork sealed the deal, where Deputy Kacey Reschar and K-9 Karma conducted several sweeps of the jail facility.

Burns, Craig, and Dexter were all charged with Dealing in Methamphetamine and Dealing in Narcotics - over 10 grams.  They are all now (including Burns) inmates together in the Scott County Jail.

Sheriff Goodin stated the following... "This is another example of the professional skills of the Staff and Deputies at the Scott County Sheriff's Office...we will NOT let our guard down. Deal drugs in Scott County and we will find you. I want to personally extend my thanks to our friends and colleagues with the United States Postal Service and our local partners in the Scott County Prosecutors Office, who assisted us with this investigation. This attempt at smuggling drugs into the jail shows how process improvements, like the new way we now process U.S. Mail that comes into the facility for inmates, have resulted in desperate measures like these by criminals...try as you may drug dealers, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!"

kayla burns.

Kayla Burns

bruce craig 1

Bruce Craig

charles dexter

                                      Charles Dexter                                       





Contact Sheriff Jerry Goodin at Scott County Sheriff's Office (812)752-8400.