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Jail Information


The Scott County Security Center is a 200 bed facility.


On average the Scott County Center has approximately 1,350 bookings each calendar year. This does not mean we have 1,350 detainees who are booked into our system. Often times a person may be booked on different charges throughout the year. The Scott County Security Center houses both male and female inmates with misdemeanor or felony charges.

We are often ask what kind of people we keep in the Security Center. The answer is all kinds, we see good people who have made a bad choice and do their time here while being cooperative and respectful and who will never return to custody to the type of person who should be warehoused for life. We hold people charged with mere infraction violations to murder. Nearly each day some or all of our staff will hear comments from detainees about how they are going to sue them, physically harm them or their family, yell obscenities, or make outright profane and vulgar comments. Less frequently but at any time certain detainee's will take action toward assaulting another detainee or staff members, attempt suicide, attempt to clog the sewer system, attempt to flood the cell area, destroy Security Center property or even throw food, fecal matter or body fluids we address with strict disciplinary action and criminal charges whenever possible.


The Scott County Security Center has a contract with Advanced Correctional Healthcare to take care of medical in the facility. An LPN is on staff 25 hours per week with the Doctor on call 24 hours 7 days a week with one scheduled day to see inmates for all medical needs. In the event an inmate is on any medication, the medication, in its original bottle, must be brought in by inmate or a family member. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS for medications which are not in original bottle or out of date.


All incoming mail is given to inmates Monday through Saturday and is inspected for contraband. Mail must have first and last name and complete return addresses. NO PACKAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Money orders are the only form of money accepted through the mail for inmates and placed on inmates account. Effective immediately we will no longer accept any kind of material mailed into the jail except for the standard mail for the inmate-No books from Amazon or any outside source will be accepted into the jail for security reasons


Visitation is Monday-Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and you need to call (866) 340-7879 to schedule a visitation and the company does not do same day appointments for the inmate. Each inmate is allowed 1-20 minute visit per 7 day period.

                                           Click here for Jail Visitation Schedule and Rules



The inmates may purchase items from the commissary list, such as underwear, t-shirts, socks, food items, personal hygiene, etc. Also inmates can purchase phone time. Money can be placed on inmates accounts using the touch screen kiosk machine located in the Security Center lobby and money orders thru the mail. Money can also be placed on inmates accounts online by visiting jailatm.com


The Security Center has chaplains that have services every Thursday evening. Also chaplains on call for any emergency or an inmate need to talk with chaplain.


Lifesprings takes care of the evaluation needs to be done on inmates that are need of services.


An inmate may release personal property to a friend or family member after a property release form is completed and signed. The release must include all property. SPECIFIC ITEMS OF PERSONAL PROPERTY GENERALLY MAY NOT BE RELEASED TO SPECIFIC PERSONS. EXCEPTIONS MAY INCLUDE HOUSE OR CAR KEYS OR A CREDIT CARD OR BANK CARD TO BE USED FOR BOND. When an inmate is released any personal property that is left will be kept in the property room for 30 days and then disposed of. If property was confiscated at the time of arrest , you will have to contact the arresting agency.


The inmates telephone system is COMBINED PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS.  All telephone calls are subject to monitoring and recording. Calls made by inmate must be collect, unless the inmate has purchased phone time from commissary. Family or friends may also set up prepaid accounts and accounts so inmates can call cell phones with COMBINED PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS by calling the company at 1-877-998-5678 or online at www.inmatesales.com or by using the kiosk in the lobby of the Sheriff's office. Acceptable forms of payment include major credit and debit cards and the kiosk accepts cash. The Scott County jail does not control payment agreements or the blocking of numbers due to non-payment or related issues. Inmates phones are shut-off from 11pm to 7am.

                                                      MESSAGES FOR INMATES

The jail staff cannot pass phone numbers or phone messages to inmates. Inmates have generous access to the phones.

                                                       ITEMS INMATES MAY HAVE WHILE IN CUSTODY

NO ITEMS MAY BE DROPPED OFF FOR INMATES, EXCEPT prescription medications,eyeglasses or necessary medical equipment. Inmates may purchase other necessities through commissary.







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